Sport-Tek® Men's PosiCharge® Competitor™ Tee


Lightweight roomy and highly breathable these moisture-wicking value-priced tees feature PosiCharge® technology to lock in color and prevent logos from fading. Given the extreme heat required for sublimation please consult with your decorator. It is highly recommended to sample test product by color before production.

Black, White, Iron Gray, Gray Concrete, Silver Gray, Forest Green, Kelly Green, Lime Shock Green, Neon Yellow, Gold, Vegas Gold, Sand Beige, Texas Orange, Deep Orange, Neon Orange, True Red, Maroon Red, Cardinal Red, Deep Red, Neon Pink, Purple, True Navy Blue, True Royal Blue, Tropic Blue, Atomic Blue, Carolina Blue, Drab Olive Green, Woodland Brown, Coyote Brown, Gray Concrete Heather, Iron Gray Heather, True Navy Blue Heather, True Royal Blue Heather, True Kelly Green

Clothing, Fashion
Decoration not included in price.
Size: X-Small, X-Small (per piece) (Iron Gray), X-Small (per piece) (Gray Concrete Heather Gray), X-Small (per piece) (True Royal Blue Heather), X-Small (per piece) (True Navy Blue Heather), Small, Small (per piece) (Iron Gray), Small (per piece) (Gray Concrete Heather ), Small (per piece) (True Royal Blue), Small (per piece) (True Navy Blue Heather), Medium, Medium (per piece) (Iron Gray), Medium (per piece) (Gray Concrete Heather), Medium (per piece) (True Royal Blue Heather), Medium (per piece) (True Navy Heather Blue), Large, Large (per piece) (Iron Gray), Large (per piece) (Gray Concrete Heather), Large (per piece) (True Royal Blue Heather), Large (per piece) (True Navy Blue Heather), X-Large, 2X-Large (per piece), 2X-Large (per piece) (Iron Gray), 2X-Large (per piece) (True Royal Heather), 3X-Large (per piece) ((True Navy Blue Heather), 3X-Large (per piece), 4X-Large (per piece), 4X-Large (per piece) (Iron Gray), 4X-Large (per piece) (Gray Concrete Heather), 4X-Large (per piece) (True Royal Heather), 4X-Large (per piece) (True Navy Blue Heather)

Production Time: In general: between 10 and 21 business days. Individual orders may vary.

Packaging: Bulk

Shipping Point: Unknown

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